Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 Part 1

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As the wife of a self proclaimed “geek”–you find yourself (or I do anyway) doing things you never dreamed of doing.  This past Saturdays was one of those times.  Never one to be late, I asked several times if we should get there early.  Keep in mind we already knew that 30,000 tickets had already been sold.  Jason reassured me that we would be there early enough.

Wanting to make sure we photographed our day we started like this…






We headed south about 8:30am to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Salt Lake Comic Con 2013.  As we drove by the Salt Palace the line was already getting long.





After parking the car and walking up a couple blocks the line had already grown by another block.  We should have stopped and dropped off a couple people to hop in line before parking the car.  Now we know for next time…

The line took over half an hour to circle around to the front doors of the convention center, but we made the best of it.






It was quite interesting to find when we walked in the front doors there really weren’t that many people…


Everyone was quickly shuffled into the exhibit hall, all I can say is “WOW!”  Immediately I felt the urge to look here, there, and everywhere.  Where do we start???  It was overwhelming, but amazing at the same time….







These previous photos and several others were taken in the first 5 minutes of being in the hall.  We were amazed by the dinosaur wandering the exhibit hall floor.  It was amazing to watch with some of it’s realistic movements.  Lizzi opted for a photo with it and was rewarded with a shake and bump on her side from the dinosaur that made her jump.



There were many people dressed up for the event including some favorites, some unknowns (to me anyway), and even some life-size figurines.
























More to come…..




Time Marches On….

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I saw a quote today that I can completely relate to…

“The rest of the world is going about its business as usual as though no one’s world has been shattered beyond recognition.”

…then I realize that’s not true.  So many people are shattered right now.  Bombings in Boston, Earthquakes in China, and even an Explosion in Texas have many people feeling shattered.  I don’t know what it is like to lose a loved one in such a tragic way, but I do know the feeling of loss, grief, and heartache!

Perhaps this is what causes my heart to ache so much more these past few days is knowing that others out there are feeling shattered too.  I long for the day that the peace comes to myself and anyone else suffering.  I wish I could remove this feeling from anyone else in the world…


Mark Allen Hoover

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Born June 16, 1950 in Herington, Kansas to Harry Lee Hoover and Betty Leona Hrabe.

Married to Carol on June 26, 1970 in Nevada.

Father to: Eric, Kevin, Stephanie, Brian, Sarah, Jared, Emily, and Keith.

Grandfather (aka: Grandpa/Papa) to:  Jenise, Jaran, Brian, Nikki, Easton, Logan, Lizzi, Adam, Alyssa, Jaylee, Issac, Eli, and MaKynna.

On March 20, 2013 we sat by your bedside as you passed from this mortal world into the eternities.  Mom held you as you took your final breaths.  Your kids were there too.  We brought all the grandkids (10 of 13) that were there into your ICU room.  They each had a cup of ice cream.  Then they one by one said good-bye to you.  Many tears were shed (they still are…) as we each told you it was okay to leave your sick mortal body behind.  I miss you DAD!


My Dad–One of My Biggest Heroes!

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I find it interesting that my most recent post on here is about the process of grieving.  A month ago yesterday I had my last conversation with my dad, the last time I saw his eyes open, the last time I hugged him, and the last time I got to be face to face with my amazing Dad!  (written April 15, 2013)

Grammy and Papa at the classic car show Laughlin 2009




Grieving is a process…

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Yesterday we remembered my two brothers,


and Jared


who died from injuries sustained in a car accident 19 years ago.  One thing that I have learned in 19 years is that you never know what the “anniversary” will bring.  One year it’s a fleeting thought, another year the whole month doesn’t make sense, and yet another year you remember for a day.

This year leading into October got me annoyed (to say the least) and it didn’t stop there.  The memories were very strong this year and I found myself thinking of things I haven’t thought about in years.  I could remember exact words and moments that happened, things that I had long since wanted to forget.

Please keep in mind that I have only one regret; that I didn’t go to Jared’s football game (Thursday night) and wish I had.

The things that I saw, heard, and felt early Saturday morning are not anything I would wish for anyone to ever go through.  That being said…If you ever find yourself experiencing a tragic event (even life changing) don’t hesitate to get the help that you need.  I can tell you that I wish I had years ago (I guess that makes two regrets, but I didn’t know about this one right away.)

Grieving is a process and much like life can’t always be handled in the same way each time you experience something.  Each year (in October or early fall) I have to find the best way for me to grieve.  Many times it’s with fond memories; smiles, football games, music, laughs, baseball games, etc…  However, on occasion I remember the specific events that lead up to my learning that not one, but two of my brothers had died.  When I do I fight to suppress the pain and depression that want to take control of my emotions.

I’m so grateful for a loving, supportive family that helps me during these moments.  I’m grateful for friends that share their memories of Brian and Jared with us, allowing us another perspective of how they lived their lives.  Each person that I know who also knew my brothers has a special memory with them.  I am so lucky that many have shared their special moments with me!

YES!  I have lived through a tragic event, but through the love and support of others I know of the great love that God has for us.  He had his hand in this…and still does!



World’s Worst Blogger…

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I have to be the world’s worst blogger.  I keep starting to post or think about posting, but then I forget, get busy, or otherwise don’t do it.  So today if nothing else I have admitted to being the worst blogger!  lol ;)


Life is beautiful!


Bank of America pay attention!!!

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There is nothing better than finding your dream home.  As I have been watching my sister since February so excited to have found a home that not only they like, but one they look forward to raising their children in and making their home!  As the weeks turned into months my heart hurts that they have yet to see this come to fruition.

Not because they can’t get a loan, not because they don’t have the down payment, but because Bank of America never return phone calls.  They locked in their loan thinking they were just days away from closing on their home, only to learn they couldn’t get return phone calls from Bank of America.  What started out approved by Bank of America as a normal close has now been changed to a short sale (which always takes longer then a normal sale.)

Back in March when my sister’s family was ready to close everyone (Realtors, loan officers, etc…) tried contacting Bank of America and for over a week no one, not even supervisors returned phone calls.

In April as phone calls were finally returned no one could find the information.  I would ask my sister how it’s going and she said, “still no news….”  My sister went from excited to hopeful.  When some answers finally came the answer they received was we should have it closed in 2-4 days.  When asked what kind of loan they had an FHA Case # 521-651549.  They were immediately told it would take 2-3 weeks.

Well, now it’s 3 weeks later and they still haven’t heard anything.  I have seen my sister go from excited, to hopeful, to disappointed.  Thinking they were close to closing they told their landlord they would be moving in the next couple weeks, so of course the landlord found a new renter.  They had to move out of their basement apartment and move in with family, because their apartment had been rented.  They thought by now they would have the house closed and even after 5 different people call Bank of America daily regarding this matter they have yet to return one phone call!  When the representatives voice mail message clearly states calls will be returned within 48 hours.

Someone at Bank of America needs to get on the ball and help out this family who has been displaced and will soon be out of a loan, because they haven’t closed!!!


Too long between posts….

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So much has happened since I last posted that I don’t know if I can even update it all.  I started my first semester of college three days after (Jan. 18th) dropping my husband off in Provo, Utah.  English, Math, and Sociology classes were fun for my first classes.  I loved my Sociology class and learned a lot about marriage and family relationships.  My Math class honed in my math skills and taught me many things I didn’t know already.  My challenging class was English and many times I didn’t look forward to going, but I made it through.  I ended the semester last week with all A’s.  It came as a shock to me, especially in my English class.

While Jason was in Utah I worked, went to school, cared for our daughters, and all the other things that are required of mom’s.  I juggled Activity Days, Choir, and Jammin’ Jumpers along with my school schedule.  Also doctor, dentist, and other appointments.  On February 16th our oldest daughter celebrated her 11th birthday at home with a quiet night.  Planning to have friends over for an overnight birthday celebration we kept it simple.  Unfortunately, all of her friends were busy and the sleepover never happened.  In March we celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary while over 500 miles away from each other.

The greatest event happened in April when Jason was able to come home for the Easter weekend.  A much too short visit (two days), but much needed time together was spent at home doing nothing!  Between Jason’s visit and my birthday (May 5th) we were super busy finding little to no time to pack.  So for my birthday we had a packing party and successfully got the packing going in our home.  Each day we pack more boxes and prepare for our move.

On Saturday May 12th Jason moved into our new home in Utah.  Thanks to the help of my sister Emily, we have a place to live and Jason’s settled in already.  Today is Mother’s day 2012 and I have been spoiled with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup pancakes (it sounds better than it tastes) and orange juice for breakfast.  Singing by my girls and all the primary kids at church.  Pie during Relief Society served by the Young Men of our Ward.  Lizzi made me a roast beef sandwich for lunch and Nikki made some fish filets for dinner.  Also I got two beautiful handwritten letters from my girls, balloons, and Nikki made me some coupons.

I am looking forward to our move, but I am going to miss so many wonderful friends.  I don’t allow myself time to think, but as the school year comes to a close I know each day is going to become more emotional.  I have been in this wonderful area for almost 6 years;  made many friends, and love the beautiful scenery.   All will be missed.

To our Black Hill Ward Family:  I want you all to know how much we love you.  We are thankful for the friendships we have made with so many of you.  We are thankful for the many hours of service that you have offered on our behalf.  We will miss the sweet spirit that abides at our meetings.  Most of all we will miss you, our friends!

We will miss having Grammy and Papa so close to us.  I know the girls will miss sleepovers at Grammy’s house.

However, we look forward to living near my sister Emily and her family.  I can’t wait for the fun that we will share together.  We will be living in another beautiful state and look forward to the incredible journey that we have there.



The whirlwind beginning of 2012…

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I thought 2012 would be similar to all other years.  It starts, things happen, it calms down, things happen….It did start nice.  On Jan. 6th or 7th Jason informed me that he had applied for jobs in Utah and that he had phone interviews the following week.  Little did I know that would change the dynamics of our household just one week later.

On Friday he was potentially offered a job in Provo, Utah that he had to be there for by the 20th to do drug testing.  I figured since we had a three day weekend and it was going to cost us almost $300 to fly him one way there I could drive it and help him get settled.  We left on Saturday morning, January 14 on the way, just outside of Kanab, Utah we saw a frozen river and waterfall.  We arrived in Provo, Utah at 7pm.


Jason and I started making phone calls about available rooms to rent.  I told Jason it was very likely that we wouldn’t hear from any of them until Monday.  Sunday we drove around looking for “For Rent” signs, but didn’t find any.  Jason found one room for rent to look at, but it was a bit out of our price range.  Emily, Brady, and the girls drove down to met us.  We had lunch together and decided that to save money we would drive to their house (1 and 1/2 hours away) for the night.  Jason had one more call out for a room and the guy texted him back and said he would contact him that evening since he was up in the mountains.  We were less than 20 minutes from Em’s when he called.  Jason almost made us drive back down, but I told him to wait and we could see it in the morning.


We drove back down to Provo and met the guy at 8am.  Jason decided he would stay there so he signed a month to month contract.  We drove to Springville for the drug screening and then we helped Jason move into his bachelor pad!  I didn’t want to leave and it was so hard when Lizzi started crying.  Nikki was being brave, but soon we were all crying and really didn’t want to leave.  We had to get on the road because it was starting to snow and I don’t drive in the snow.


From the Payson, Utah exit until Nephi there were eight vehicles either off the road or in wrecks.  I was so thankful that we weren’t one of them and when we got to Beaver we were out of the snow finally!  We stopped in St. George for dinner and to stretch our legs.



From St. George we had another 7 hours to home.  It was a very long, much too quick trip!  I think next time Jason can just fly…


On Wednesday, January 18th I got a call from my neighbors that our dogs were out and that animal control was at my house.  I rushed home from work to find no dogs, no animal control, and no neighbor.  So I knocked on the neighbors door and he explained things as we were talking I saw Bumble at the end of the road so I took off after her.  A community patrol car went by and when I got closer I saw that they stopped.  The officer was able to get Bumble in the car.  I then saw Bebe and called her to me.  She came to me, but knew she was in trouble.  I brought her home and closed the gate and then went to find the community patrol officer.  He was still at the end of our road, but when I got back he drove Bumble to my house along with the two Animal Control officers.  Apparently my dogs like to run and that’s what they did so the three officers chased them around our neighborhood, but couldn’t get Bebe to ever come to them.  I put Bumble in the backyard and talked with the Animal Control Officer.  I’m still hoping I don’t get a ticket/fine.  I am also thankful that neither dog got hit by a car.  Then I rushed back to work….

Also on Wednesday it was my first class at the college.  It is an English 101 class and I hope that I do well in the class.  It was fun to meet my instructor and classmates.

Friday, January 20th I hurt my hip and had shooting pain all the way down to my calf.  It’s now Sunday and it’s still sore, but I am managing.  Life has been interesting as we have scurried through January, but it’s not over yet and we will see what other fun things are in store….


Shultz Family Year in Review

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Shultz Family Year in Review….

2011 Started out with Nikki being biten by a dog (Jan. 3rd). Thankfully it wasn’t bad and she was treated and back to her old self in no time at all. So soon in fact that two boys at school decided it would be a good idea to bully her (Jan. 14th). Jason and I made sure to take care of it as soon as we knew about it. That same weekend she came down with the flu. Then Lizzi had the flu and strep. On Jan. 19th Lizzi became a published author. She wrote a book called “The Best Friends.” It’s a cute story about a scorpion, coyote, roadrunner, and tarantulas and the friendship they share. I attended a two day Deafblind Training in Tucson at the end of January.

In Feb. we bought our first new car. We had our Neon for 7 years and the week after we got our new car it died. Lizzi was baptized on Feb. 5th. We celebrated Nikki’s 10th Birthday.

In March Lizzi and I attended Art Classes together. It was a three week class teaching the techniques of portrait art. Jason and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.

Throughout January, February, March, and April Nikki was involved in Jammin’ Jumpers a jump rope team at her school. Lizzi was very busy afterschool in a Music Appreciation Class and also on the Sport Stacking Team. She also was part of the Recycle Team at school. Emptying the recycle bags and “reusing” many items tossed out.

At the end of March first part of April Jason traveled to Utah for the LDS Tech Conference and the bonus was he was there for General Conference too. We got to enjoy a photography exhibit of Mark Mabry’s Reflections of Christ.

May was busy closing out the school year. We celebrated my birthday. Nikki had a Talent Show at school where she joined with her Jammin’ Jumpers team to show off their moves. We attended another friends baptism and the next day Jason and I got to be with their family in the temple as they were sealed together for time and eternity. I am so thankful for Eternal Families! The girls finished off the school year with a two week Art Class.

June we watched as our church broke ground for a new temple. The Phoenix Temple when completed will be our temple. We took a trip to the Grand Canyon with Jason’s friend from the UK. We also drove him down the Oak Creek Canyon into Sedona.

I think 2011 will be the year of the doctors visits for our family. I thought it was bad in 2010 when I was in often, but 2011 takes the cake. Nikki had chronic ear infections, sinus infections, and sore throats, Lizzi had kissing tonsils, Nikki had an allergic reaction to Amoxicillian, Lizzi had her tonsils and adenoids removed all by June 10th. It didn’t end there….

On July 5th Lizzi was in a bike accident. She was going down a hill near our home and lost control of her bike. Thankfully there were no broken bones, major head trama (yes, she had her helmet on) she did have a closed concussion, but no lasting problems.

At the end of July we had a visit from Jason’s mom and brother. It was nice to have them visit us for a week. We also got to met Jason’s cousin Zane and his family while they were here. The day after Jason’s mom and brother left we headed to Utah to visit my sister and her family. While there we went on Mrs. Field’s Factory Tour and the Olympic Cauldron tour. We also toured Temple Square and went shopping. Jason and I had dinner at The Roof and then went to the Salt Lake Temple. While in Utah we also went to Park City and our last day in Utah was spent at Lagoon.

In August we started back to school for the girls and work for me. I somehow injured my shoulder and had to do physical therapy 3 times a week for 5 weeks, visited the Orthopedic Surgeon twice, and had a cortizone shot too.

In September Nikki’s class said the Pledge of Allegience at the School Board Meeting. Jason celebrated his 37th birthday (Sept. 30th) with his annual trip to the Prescott Rally. The wind tore things up and destroyed our easy-up. He and the girls had fun anyway.

October included my physical therapy visits. The Cottonwood Airfest was fun for the whole family. The girls got to fly paper airplanes. We looked inside a WWII bomber. Plus we got to spend the day together. I spent three days in Phoenix at Deafblind Training. While Jason and the girls enjoyed spirit week at school and helped with the Cottonwood Stake Service Project cleaning along side the streets of Cottonwood. We ended the month with Trick-or-treating and the Primary Presentation at church.

November was a fairly quiet month. We helped friends move (sad day) and attended the baptism of a new friend. I registered for classes at Yavapai College and will start working toward my degree in Education on January 18th, 2012.

December was again spent at doctors offices for more ear infections, a sore throat, and a gardener’s wart what Lizzi calls it (aka planter wart). Also Lizzi was part of a Children’s Choir that was invited to perform at the Verde Valley Voices Christmas Concert. They sang three songs and it was terrific. We celebrated Lizzi’s birthday with bowling and cake. Lizzi turned 9 this year. On Dec. 23rd Nikki had her tonsils and adenoids removed. Christmas was a quiet day at home with Nikki vegging on the couch while Lizzi and Jason played on the Xbox. We finished out the year with Nikki’s follow up appointment on Dec. 29th with her Dr. in Flagstaff. While there we returned some clothes, played in the snow, and visited Jason’s cousin.

All the while Jason was busy working for himself, plus he took a second job for a few months, and fulfilled his calling as the Ward Executive Secretary. I am still working for Arizona State School for the Deaf and the Blind as an Educational Assistant. I was also a teacher in Primary.



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