2 January 2012

Shultz Family Year in Review

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Shultz Family Year in Review….

2011 Started out with Nikki being biten by a dog (Jan. 3rd). Thankfully it wasn’t bad and she was treated and back to her old self in no time at all. So soon in fact that two boys at school decided it would be a good idea to bully her (Jan. 14th). Jason and I made sure to take care of it as soon as we knew about it. That same weekend she came down with the flu. Then Lizzi had the flu and strep. On Jan. 19th Lizzi became a published author. She wrote a book called “The Best Friends.” It’s a cute story about a scorpion, coyote, roadrunner, and tarantulas and the friendship they share. I attended a two day Deafblind Training in Tucson at the end of January.

In Feb. we bought our first new car. We had our Neon for 7 years and the week after we got our new car it died. Lizzi was baptized on Feb. 5th. We celebrated Nikki’s 10th Birthday.

In March Lizzi and I attended Art Classes together. It was a three week class teaching the techniques of portrait art. Jason and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.

Throughout January, February, March, and April Nikki was involved in Jammin’ Jumpers a jump rope team at her school. Lizzi was very busy afterschool in a Music Appreciation Class and also on the Sport Stacking Team. She also was part of the Recycle Team at school. Emptying the recycle bags and “reusing” many items tossed out.

At the end of March first part of April Jason traveled to Utah for the LDS Tech Conference and the bonus was he was there for General Conference too. We got to enjoy a photography exhibit of Mark Mabry’s Reflections of Christ.

May was busy closing out the school year. We celebrated my birthday. Nikki had a Talent Show at school where she joined with her Jammin’ Jumpers team to show off their moves. We attended another friends baptism and the next day Jason and I got to be with their family in the temple as they were sealed together for time and eternity. I am so thankful for Eternal Families! The girls finished off the school year with a two week Art Class.

June we watched as our church broke ground for a new temple. The Phoenix Temple when completed will be our temple. We took a trip to the Grand Canyon with Jason’s friend from the UK. We also drove him down the Oak Creek Canyon into Sedona.

I think 2011 will be the year of the doctors visits for our family. I thought it was bad in 2010 when I was in often, but 2011 takes the cake. Nikki had chronic ear infections, sinus infections, and sore throats, Lizzi had kissing tonsils, Nikki had an allergic reaction to Amoxicillian, Lizzi had her tonsils and adenoids removed all by June 10th. It didn’t end there….

On July 5th Lizzi was in a bike accident. She was going down a hill near our home and lost control of her bike. Thankfully there were no broken bones, major head trama (yes, she had her helmet on) she did have a closed concussion, but no lasting problems.

At the end of July we had a visit from Jason’s mom and brother. It was nice to have them visit us for a week. We also got to met Jason’s cousin Zane and his family while they were here. The day after Jason’s mom and brother left we headed to Utah to visit my sister and her family. While there we went on Mrs. Field’s Factory Tour and the Olympic Cauldron tour. We also toured Temple Square and went shopping. Jason and I had dinner at The Roof and then went to the Salt Lake Temple. While in Utah we also went to Park City and our last day in Utah was spent at Lagoon.

In August we started back to school for the girls and work for me. I somehow injured my shoulder and had to do physical therapy 3 times a week for 5 weeks, visited the Orthopedic Surgeon twice, and had a cortizone shot too.

In September Nikki’s class said the Pledge of Allegience at the School Board Meeting. Jason celebrated his 37th birthday (Sept. 30th) with his annual trip to the Prescott Rally. The wind tore things up and destroyed our easy-up. He and the girls had fun anyway.

October included my physical therapy visits. The Cottonwood Airfest was fun for the whole family. The girls got to fly paper airplanes. We looked inside a WWII bomber. Plus we got to spend the day together. I spent three days in Phoenix at Deafblind Training. While Jason and the girls enjoyed spirit week at school and helped with the Cottonwood Stake Service Project cleaning along side the streets of Cottonwood. We ended the month with Trick-or-treating and the Primary Presentation at church.

November was a fairly quiet month. We helped friends move (sad day) and attended the baptism of a new friend. I registered for classes at Yavapai College and will start working toward my degree in Education on January 18th, 2012.

December was again spent at doctors offices for more ear infections, a sore throat, and a gardener’s wart what Lizzi calls it (aka planter wart). Also Lizzi was part of a Children’s Choir that was invited to perform at the Verde Valley Voices Christmas Concert. They sang three songs and it was terrific. We celebrated Lizzi’s birthday with bowling and cake. Lizzi turned 9 this year. On Dec. 23rd Nikki had her tonsils and adenoids removed. Christmas was a quiet day at home with Nikki vegging on the couch while Lizzi and Jason played on the Xbox. We finished out the year with Nikki’s follow up appointment on Dec. 29th with her Dr. in Flagstaff. While there we returned some clothes, played in the snow, and visited Jason’s cousin.

All the while Jason was busy working for himself, plus he took a second job for a few months, and fulfilled his calling as the Ward Executive Secretary. I am still working for Arizona State School for the Deaf and the Blind as an Educational Assistant. I was also a teacher in Primary.

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