22 January 2012

The whirlwind beginning of 2012…

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I thought 2012 would be similar to all other years.  It starts, things happen, it calms down, things happen….It did start nice.  On Jan. 6th or 7th Jason informed me that he had applied for jobs in Utah and that he had phone interviews the following week.  Little did I know that would change the dynamics of our household just one week later.

On Friday he was potentially offered a job in Provo, Utah that he had to be there for by the 20th to do drug testing.  I figured since we had a three day weekend and it was going to cost us almost $300 to fly him one way there I could drive it and help him get settled.  We left on Saturday morning, January 14 on the way, just outside of Kanab, Utah we saw a frozen river and waterfall.  We arrived in Provo, Utah at 7pm.


Jason and I started making phone calls about available rooms to rent.  I told Jason it was very likely that we wouldn’t hear from any of them until Monday.  Sunday we drove around looking for “For Rent” signs, but didn’t find any.  Jason found one room for rent to look at, but it was a bit out of our price range.  Emily, Brady, and the girls drove down to met us.  We had lunch together and decided that to save money we would drive to their house (1 and 1/2 hours away) for the night.  Jason had one more call out for a room and the guy texted him back and said he would contact him that evening since he was up in the mountains.  We were less than 20 minutes from Em’s when he called.  Jason almost made us drive back down, but I told him to wait and we could see it in the morning.


We drove back down to Provo and met the guy at 8am.  Jason decided he would stay there so he signed a month to month contract.  We drove to Springville for the drug screening and then we helped Jason move into his bachelor pad!  I didn’t want to leave and it was so hard when Lizzi started crying.  Nikki was being brave, but soon we were all crying and really didn’t want to leave.  We had to get on the road because it was starting to snow and I don’t drive in the snow.


From the Payson, Utah exit until Nephi there were eight vehicles either off the road or in wrecks.  I was so thankful that we weren’t one of them and when we got to Beaver we were out of the snow finally!  We stopped in St. George for dinner and to stretch our legs.



From St. George we had another 7 hours to home.  It was a very long, much too quick trip!  I think next time Jason can just fly…


On Wednesday, January 18th I got a call from my neighbors that our dogs were out and that animal control was at my house.  I rushed home from work to find no dogs, no animal control, and no neighbor.  So I knocked on the neighbors door and he explained things as we were talking I saw Bumble at the end of the road so I took off after her.  A community patrol car went by and when I got closer I saw that they stopped.  The officer was able to get Bumble in the car.  I then saw Bebe and called her to me.  She came to me, but knew she was in trouble.  I brought her home and closed the gate and then went to find the community patrol officer.  He was still at the end of our road, but when I got back he drove Bumble to my house along with the two Animal Control officers.  Apparently my dogs like to run and that’s what they did so the three officers chased them around our neighborhood, but couldn’t get Bebe to ever come to them.  I put Bumble in the backyard and talked with the Animal Control Officer.  I’m still hoping I don’t get a ticket/fine.  I am also thankful that neither dog got hit by a car.  Then I rushed back to work….

Also on Wednesday it was my first class at the college.  It is an English 101 class and I hope that I do well in the class.  It was fun to meet my instructor and classmates.

Friday, January 20th I hurt my hip and had shooting pain all the way down to my calf.  It’s now Sunday and it’s still sore, but I am managing.  Life has been interesting as we have scurried through January, but it’s not over yet and we will see what other fun things are in store….

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