13 May 2012

Too long between posts….

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So much has happened since I last posted that I don’t know if I can even update it all.  I started my first semester of college three days after (Jan. 18th) dropping my husband off in Provo, Utah.  English, Math, and Sociology classes were fun for my first classes.  I loved my Sociology class and learned a lot about marriage and family relationships.  My Math class honed in my math skills and taught me many things I didn’t know already.  My challenging class was English and many times I didn’t look forward to going, but I made it through.  I ended the semester last week with all A’s.  It came as a shock to me, especially in my English class.

While Jason was in Utah I worked, went to school, cared for our daughters, and all the other things that are required of mom’s.  I juggled Activity Days, Choir, and Jammin’ Jumpers along with my school schedule.  Also doctor, dentist, and other appointments.  On February 16th our oldest daughter celebrated her 11th birthday at home with a quiet night.  Planning to have friends over for an overnight birthday celebration we kept it simple.  Unfortunately, all of her friends were busy and the sleepover never happened.  In March we celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary while over 500 miles away from each other.

The greatest event happened in April when Jason was able to come home for the Easter weekend.  A much too short visit (two days), but much needed time together was spent at home doing nothing!  Between Jason’s visit and my birthday (May 5th) we were super busy finding little to no time to pack.  So for my birthday we had a packing party and successfully got the packing going in our home.  Each day we pack more boxes and prepare for our move.

On Saturday May 12th Jason moved into our new home in Utah.  Thanks to the help of my sister Emily, we have a place to live and Jason’s settled in already.  Today is Mother’s day 2012 and I have been spoiled with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup pancakes (it sounds better than it tastes) and orange juice for breakfast.  Singing by my girls and all the primary kids at church.  Pie during Relief Society served by the Young Men of our Ward.  Lizzi made me a roast beef sandwich for lunch and Nikki made some fish filets for dinner.  Also I got two beautiful handwritten letters from my girls, balloons, and Nikki made me some coupons.

I am looking forward to our move, but I am going to miss so many wonderful friends.  I don’t allow myself time to think, but as the school year comes to a close I know each day is going to become more emotional.  I have been in this wonderful area for almost 6 years;  made many friends, and love the beautiful scenery.   All will be missed.

To our Black Hill Ward Family:  I want you all to know how much we love you.  We are thankful for the friendships we have made with so many of you.  We are thankful for the many hours of service that you have offered on our behalf.  We will miss the sweet spirit that abides at our meetings.  Most of all we will miss you, our friends!

We will miss having Grammy and Papa so close to us.  I know the girls will miss sleepovers at Grammy’s house.

However, we look forward to living near my sister Emily and her family.  I can’t wait for the fun that we will share together.  We will be living in another beautiful state and look forward to the incredible journey that we have there.


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