15 May 2012

Bank of America pay attention!!!

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There is nothing better than finding your dream home.  As I have been watching my sister since February so excited to have found a home that not only they like, but one they look forward to raising their children in and making their home!  As the weeks turned into months my heart hurts that they have yet to see this come to fruition.

Not because they can’t get a loan, not because they don’t have the down payment, but because Bank of America never return phone calls.  They locked in their loan thinking they were just days away from closing on their home, only to learn they couldn’t get return phone calls from Bank of America.  What started out approved by Bank of America as a normal close has now been changed to a short sale (which always takes longer then a normal sale.)

Back in March when my sister’s family was ready to close everyone (Realtors, loan officers, etc…) tried contacting Bank of America and for over a week no one, not even supervisors returned phone calls.

In April as phone calls were finally returned no one could find the information.  I would ask my sister how it’s going and she said, “still no news….”  My sister went from excited to hopeful.  When some answers finally came the answer they received was we should have it closed in 2-4 days.  When asked what kind of loan they had an FHA Case # 521-651549.  They were immediately told it would take 2-3 weeks.

Well, now it’s 3 weeks later and they still haven’t heard anything.  I have seen my sister go from excited, to hopeful, to disappointed.  Thinking they were close to closing they told their landlord they would be moving in the next couple weeks, so of course the landlord found a new renter.  They had to move out of their basement apartment and move in with family, because their apartment had been rented.  They thought by now they would have the house closed and even after 5 different people call Bank of America daily regarding this matter they have yet to return one phone call!  When the representatives voice mail message clearly states calls will be returned within 48 hours.

Someone at Bank of America needs to get on the ball and help out this family who has been displaced and will soon be out of a loan, because they haven’t closed!!!

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