Veteran’s Day 2011

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Today we went to the local VFW post and had a SOS breakfast.  The girls had pancakes and sausage.  Now that I have tried it I never have to have it again.  It wasn’t horrible, but I could get tired of it real quick and definitely don’t eat it cold.  After breakfast we looked at the display area of the VFW post.  We had fun looking at pictures, uniforms, and other memorabilia.  One of the girls was saying something about loving to get something for free.  I had the opportunity to explain to my daughters and one of their friends that nothing comes free.  Someone at some point had to pay if it be with money, sacrifice, time, or even with their lives.  It was a great opportunity for them to learn a valuable lesson.

At 11am they had a flag raising ceremony.

It was neat to see 15 Veteran’s from many different wars lined up together saluting our flag.

I am proud to say that I have several Veteran’s in my own family:  a Great-Grandmother who was a riveter

a Grandpa who served in Korea (the man on the left is my grandpa)

and my other Grandpa who served in WWII in the Asiatic Pacific Campaign

Plus my husband’s dad served in Vietnam.  I am thankful for each who willingly…

…at one point in his life wrote a blank check Made payable to ‘The United States of America for an amount of up to and including their life.

To all Veterans I thank you for your service!  I thank you for the freedoms which I have an opportunity to enjoy because of your sacrifice!  I pray that God will continually watch over and protect you all!



The journey continues….

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Since life has once again gotten away from me and I haven’t been blogging.  I guess I should update.

Jason celebrated his 37th Birthday at the end of September with his annual trip to the Prescott Rally race.  He took the girls with him this year and the wind tore things up.  They didn’t get to camp out and I didn’t get the house to myself.  Oh well, Happy Birthday Honey!  I know he and the girls had fun, even with the huge gusts of wind.

I have been undergoing physical therapy 3x’s a week for the past oh…5 weeks.  Today my Orthopedic Surgeon released me from his care and physical therapy.  So this evening when I went to physical therapy, I gave them the bad news.  Guess what I graduated!

We are currently on Fall Break so extra time for things….like blogging.  I know we are doing something fun on Saturday, but other then that just relaxing.

Jason and I are doing an internet challenge.  Little things to do once a day to be a little healthier.  If you are interested you can find it at meyouhealth.com  It’s fun and you can invite friends/family to join you.  Today’s task is make a playlist for your walks/exercise.  See really simple!

The girls are busy being kids.  Enjoying school…most of the time.  Playing with Barbie’s, Littlest Pet Shop, and their latest craze Paper dolls.  They printed tons of paper dolls and backgrounds from the computer and cut them out.  Yes, they made a huge mess, but they also cleaned up.  Now if I could get them to clean their room…..

That’s us in a nut shell.



Stake Conference and a new Stake President 2011- Adult Session Saturday Night

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Jason and I have never really had an opportunity to attend the Adult Session of Stake Conference together.  We decided this would be a great opportunity and the added bonus was that since our Stake President was being released we would get to listen to a General Authority and an Area Seventy.  We gladly went and enjoyed the wonderful talks.

Many people were called upon to bear their testimonies.  Thankfully I wasn’t one of them!  I thoroughly enjoyed each one.  The members of our stake have very powerful testimonies of our Savior Jesus Christ, our living prophet President Thomas S. Monson, the restoration of the gospel in its fullness, and their personal witnesses of how each of these have inspired and lifted them in their lives!

The Area Seventy that came to our Stake Conference is Elder Villarreal.  I was impressed as he shared his testimony of the importance of the sisters in helping the work progress.  He said, “Never let the thought enter your mind that you sisters don’t matter!  You help this work progress.”  In some ways it was almost as if he were reading my thoughts, because the day before I thought about how Jason is always doing so much and I’m just sitting at home.

Elder “V” as he was kindly referred to by some reminded us that we must have JOY in our service in the church and that the service shouldn’t be a burden on our families.  He also reminded us to “Safeguard our homes and marriages!  Don’t waste time being angry!”  He quoted Mosiah 3:19

19 For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father.  Elder “V” reminded us that the commandments are meant to save!  He spoke so much more, but these are where my notes ended.  I was so involved in his talk that I forgot to take more notes.

Then we were privileged to hear from Elder Baxter of the First Quorum of the Seventy.  He said that Heavenly Father and His Son know us!  Elder Baxter said, “If we are open and ready we will receive the blessings we need at the exact moment we need them.  If we will pray in faith and ask him for the blessings we need, He will answer.  You are known to Christ and He knows our thoughts.  Salvation comes through knowing the Savior.  He already knows us.  We need to take the time to get to know Him!”  I know from personal experience that this is true.  He answered my prayers in the exact way I needed them answered when I asked in faith!

Elder Baxter reminded us that the showdown between good and evil is coming.  Satan is working on our self-worth.  He said something to the effect that we all know that other people are important in the eyes of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but we can’t see that in our own lives.  Don’t let Satan succeed in making us feel we are not of worth.  Elder Baxter said, “Satan brings darkness and misery.  Don’t stay in the dark!  Christ is light and love.  Move into the light!”  Count your many blessings!  He then quoted Elder Maxwell:  He said, One-Practice your smile….try to look happy.  Two-The Lord is concerned with our growth more then our geography.

Elder Baxter told us to Attend the temple.  On Saturday last week they dedicated the 135th Temple.  With all the announced and under construction temples when completed there will be 158 temples!  When he went on his mission there were only 15 temples in the whole world.  He reminded us that the temple is a place of service, but it’s also a place of healing.  Go to the temple to be healed of our trials and problems.  We need to remember that it’s not temple work….It’s temple service!  It will bring us closer to heaven.  “Go, go, go!  As often as you can go!”

Elder Baxter suggested that we use a temple voice in our homes and to share with our families the spiritual experiences we have in the temple.  Return home from the temple happy and relaxed, not tired and worn out.  Our children will take note of our actions when we do (either good or bad.)  He quoted President Hunter: “Hasten to the temple!  Share with our children and teach them about the temple.  Going to the temple is important and it matters where you are married.”  I don’t know if I got the whole quote or not…

Elder Baxter compared our temple attendance to a forcefield….”Maintain the spiritual forcefield that will keep us energized, by attending the temple.”

Finally Elder Baxter reminded us that “Angels are around us to bear us up!”


I was so well fed spiritually that I thought I couldn’t top this night, but Elder Villarreal managed to make the night even better.  Jennifer and I were talking and she noticed that Elder “V” was talking with President Taylor so we interrupted and introduced ourselves to him.  He asked Jennifer what the most significant part to her was.  She was stumped and asked me, to which I responded.  “Probably the reminder that If we are open and ready we will receive the blessings we need in the moment that we need them if we will ask in faith.”  Elder “V” said, “Stop changing the subject.”  We laughed and Jennifer gave her thoughts on the topic of the Atonement (one of the parts I didn’t write down.)

He said, there is so much more to it.  He then took a few minutes to talk with us about the sacrament.  He told us that he only gets to partake of the sacrament 2-3 months out of each year, because he’s usually at Stake Conferences.  Jennifer and I were amazed and realized that we most likely take it for granted that we get to partake of the sacrament almost every week!  He said to us, “I truly hope you don’t take it for granted!”  I thought about it for a minute and I think that many times I do.  He then asked us, “How do you feel when you eat after fasting?  How would you feel if you fasted for a whole week?  That’s how the sacrament should be for each of us every week!”  What a powerful testimony to the importance of partaking of the sacrament with the right attitude!  It was during this time that I knew without a doubt that this man has been called of God!  Elder “V” took the time to share with us something that we need to remind ourselves and our children (our own and Primary) of the importance of the Sacrament.  Another way that I know is because I looked briefly at my lesson for next week and it’s about the sacrament…coincidence?  I don’t believe it is!!!


Our crazy life….

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For the past 10 days I feel like I have been living someone else’s life.  For the week following Lizzi’s bike accident I spent my mornings and evenings cleaning her wound and reapplying creams to keep it from scabbing over and also giving her her anti-biotic so she wouldn’t get an infection on her face.

Then on Sunday July 10th I got a phone call from my sister-in-law telling me that they were taking their 18 month old to the hospital.  I asked what happened and she informed me that he collapsed and they had to call 911.  They transported him by ambulance to the hospital around the corner from my house.  I was relieved when they arrived and he was sitting up in his Dads arms.  I took their two other children to my house to hang out with Uncle Jason and our girls.

The doctors took x-rays, EKG, and more, but decided it would be best for him to be monitored overnight.  Since our hospital doesn’t have a pediatrics unit they decided to send him to Flagstaff.  After talking with the physician in Flagstaff it was decided it would be best for him to go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  I offered to drive down with them.  My brother Keith rode in the ambulance with my nephew and my sister-in-law Mandy and I drove down. After a quick pit stop at their house to get clothes for the next day or two we were on our way to Phoenix.  It would be just about a two hour drive.

We arrived a little after 1am to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  Security didn’t have them checked in yet so I called Keith on his cell phone.  He told us they were upstairs on the fourth floor.  We went up and found the nurses asking medical questions.  Keith and Mandy answered their questions and we inspected the room.  We found a fold out chair, hard hospital chair and what we refer to as “The cage”.  Unfortunately, we had to share a room with another family.  Fortunately they were very nice and understanding.  Lucky for us we had the window side of the room otherwise I don’t know how Mandy would have got Issac to go to sleep that night.  She kept telling him to look at the cars.

The doctors decided to wait until morning to make any real assessments.  So, Keith slept in a office chair (I still don’t know how he didn’t fall out of it.)  Mandy slept on a hard hospital chair, and I slept on the fold out chair.  Of course all of this is implying that we actually slept.  Nurses were in and out of the room all night and the neighbor had a rough night too.  Mandy and I watched as the sun came up.

With less then four hours of sleep we waited all day for doctors to make assessments.  They took more x-rays and watched him all day.  At 2 or 3pm they told us that we might have to stay another night.

We asked what we could do about a place for all of us to sleep and they suggested the Ronald McDonald House.  A case worker was brought in and explained it to us, she also made the necessary arrangements for us.  Basically if you have a medical need for a place to stay they can set it up.  You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself, both in your room and in the community kitchen.  They give you a place to put your food and each night a group provides dinner.  It is a wonderful program and I can see how if you had to stay for long periods of time this would be very helpful.  For that matter it was helpful for us and we only stayed one night.

Keith and I left for the RMH just before 6pm.  We had dinner and then went to our room.  Mandy stayed at the hospital with Issac.  Keith was asleep by 8pm at the very latest.  I watched a movie and chatted on the phone with Jason a couple times.  I stayed up until about 11pm.

Keith woke me up at 4:30am….I nearly yelled at him!  In all honesty it was so nice to sleep without any interruptions, except Keith!  We were at the hospital by 6am.  We sat in the hallway waiting area for about an hour and a half.  The doctor came in and told us things to watch for and that they would be discharging Issac soon.

Just before 9am we left the hospital with no additional answers then we had when we went in…..So frustrating!!!


***We are now preparing for a visit from Jason’s Mom and brother.  School starts in less than 4 weeks.  Our crazy life is just going to get crazier…..***

I will add a couple pictures when I upload them from my phone.  I didn’t really take a bunch, but I got a few.


Lizzi’s Bike Accident 2011

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011 was a crazy day!  I drove from our home in Cottonwood to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  Waited around there for over an hour for my nephew’s flight.  Then we went from the Airport to Prescott so he could see his Dad.  From there we drove back to my home.  Then from Cottonwood to Lake Montezuma and back to Cottonwood.

When I got home I was completely exhausted.  Jason and the girls decided to go for a bike ride while I relaxed and read a book.  Lizzi couldn’t find her helmet and they almost didn’t go, but she found it.  She asked me to help her fix her helmet because it was broken.  I asked how it was broken and she told me it didn’t fit.  I had her show me how it wasn’t fitting and found that it was too loose.  I helped her tighten her helmet and then they were off.

I was just starting to read my book when the doorbell rang.  I wondered who it could be….

It was a man I recognized from church….his name isn’t coming to me.  I opened the door and said, “Hi!”

He looked at me for a couple seconds and said, “It’s not good!”

I was thinking…What are you talking about.  Tell me what’s going on……

He said, “Your daughter was in a bike accident.  If you leave now you will probably get there at the same time as the ambulance.  I’m not sure what your husband did with the bikes.  Maybe the fire department has them….”

I was thinking….Which daughter?  Was it a bike and car?  Why didn’t Jason call me?  …….UGH!!!!!

I said, “Thank you” and closed the door!

I ran to get ready and checked to make sure I had my phone and then I was out the door and to the hospital in less than 2 minutes.

When I arrived Jason and Nikki were with the Firefighters taking the bikes off the back of their truck.  They had already moved Lizzi from the ambulance into the hospital.  Jason hassled me about not answering my phone….again.  Honestly I never heard it ring.  I don’t know if the volume was down, a book was covering it and muted the ring, or if it was because my phone was on one side of the house and I was on the other….I don’t know!  I told him get me a house phone….anyway….We loaded the bikes into the car, then I parked it, and we went inside.

They allowed us to bring Nikki into the room with Lizzi which was good to let her see that her sister was going to be okay.

The Doctors and Nurses were checking her back, neck, and head when we went into the room.  She was on a back board with a neck brace.  The most noticeable thing was the large road rash on her right cheek.

The photo above is after x-rays had come back and things were looking good….


We went through the steps of calming her down and explaining things to her.  One of the first things she said that I could understand was, “I wish I had just stayed home!”  She had a hard time talking because her cheek was so swollen and I’m sure it added to her pain so she didn’t talk much.

Meanwhile, Nikki was starting to go into shock from watching her sister wreck and wrecking her bike too.  She had a few scrapes and scratches too, but not too bad.  So I had to leave Lizzi and help calm Nikki down.  She was crying and so worried about Lizzi.  It nearly broke my heart to watch her trying to process all that was happening.

They took Lizzi (Jason went with her) for a CT scan and x-rays.

While they were gone the nurse brought Nikki a blanket to warm up with.  I held Nikki in my arms and we talked a little about what had happened and what was happening.  Then I told her we could hug each other and send all that love to Lizzi (((hugs)))…. The nurse also brought Nikki the remote for the TV.  She started watching Star Trek.  I got tired of waiting (they must have been gone for over a half hour…) and asked the nurse when they would be back.  She said soon….

When they got back Lizzi took a much needed nap.  Nikki and Jason watched TV and I stood beside Lizzi.  Suddenly, she puked…all over the floor and me!  That quickly changed our plans from waiting for doctors to…. go home and change, plus get Nikki something to eat.

Nikki and I left to go home.  We ran into Brother Sparks a member of our bishopric as we were leaving.  I explained a couple things and then left.  When we got home I immediately ran and got showered and changed.  Nikki got Jason’s phone (he had left it at home….) and made a sandwich.  I unloaded bikes and then we went back to the hospital.  I think we were gone for about 10 minutes.

When we got back to the hospital they were finishing cleaning up Lizzi’s puke.  The doctor informed us that all of Lizzi’s x-rays showed no broken bones and he wanted to double check the CT scan to make sure there was no visible concussion.  He said because of the vomiting she definitely had a concussion, but it was looking like a closed concussion.  He wanted to check again on a better monitor and to get the nurses in to clean up the wound on her face better so she will not end up with a big scar.

A nurse came in to clean the wound on her face and got it as clean as she thought it could come.  Later the doctor came in and said it wasn’t good enough it was going to need to be scrubbed.  They decided that sedation would be best to clean the wound.  They allowed only one of us to stay in the room while they did this, since I can’t watch this stuff Jason stayed.  My dad took Nikki home to get some rest it was just after 9pm.  A little later the doctor came in to the family waiting room and told us she did great and was dreaming of flowers and unicorns.

They continued to monitor Lizzi and finally released her just before midnight.  When we got home I was completely drained.  Lizzi slept with me on my bed and I had my alarm set to go off every two hours.  I would wake her up and ask her a few questions then we would go back to sleep.  It was a long, long night…..



We are already seeing the healing process happening and we are so glad for that.  If she continues to heal like she has been I would venture to say that she will have almost nothing on her cheek by Sunday….

More to come….


Our Family Blessing Chart

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In order to get my children to help more around the house I found and modified a “Chore Chart” from online.  I looked at many different styles before finding one that would be functional for our family.  I wanted something simple for the girls, yet rewarding enough that they would follow through with tasks. I also wanted something that reflected what we are doing in our home.  It’s not a chore when we are keeping our home organized and clean.  Therefore, the Shultz Family Blessing Chart was created….

Each of us are responsible for our bedroom/bathroom.  Then each day we trade off the other 8 jobs in our house.  The Kitchen and Dining Room are one.  The Laundry and Garbage/Recycling are another.  The Family Room and the Craft Room are another.  Finally, we have the Office and the Parlor.  Each day one of us takes one of the four grouping of rooms.  We tidy up the room and sweep or vacuum.  The biggest job is the Kitchen and Dining Room because it’s an all day job, but we have three days between and we might make it more, because the rooms are staying neater everyday.

I’m hoping by Friday if we all work together we can take a break and Saturday do touch ups and another break on Sunday.  That will give us all day Friday, part of Saturday, and all day Sunday to spend together doing fun things.  I’m not saying if there is something that needs to be done we ignore it.  I’m just thinking if we don’t have a ton of work on Friday it can become a fun day for us or perhaps Wednesday so we have a fun day in the middle of the week.

Each of the rooms has a card that lists the tasks that need to be finished before the room/job is complete.  After all the daily tasks are done we can move our magnets into our column and show that the task is complete.

The girls are somewhat excited about this new way to track our progress.  Plus I know who is doing their tasks and who isn’t and can reward/not reward appropriately!


Lizzi’s Tonsillectomy 2011

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Jason and I woke up just before 5:30 this morning.  We both got ready to go.  We didn’t plan on waking Lizzi until we were ready to walk out the door.  She woke up on her own just before 6 am.  We were about to walk out the door when I asked Jason did you feed the dogs?  He replied, “No.”  I headed out the door to make sure they had water and Jason got them food.

As I was getting ready to go back inside I looked at the garden and thought….  I should water the garden.  There’s no time we will be late.  If I don’t then it will die.  I will do it quickly…

I kind of kicked myself for taking the time to water this morning, but I knew we would be okay in the long run.  It turns out I was right on both accounts.

We stopped to fill up the gas tank.  Then as we were leaving Cottonwood, I saw police car lights up ahead.

There was an accident if we hadn’t been late who knows where we would have ended up.  Even just a witness to this accident would have made us truly late. Unfortunately for those involved in the accident it was worse then these pictures show.  All the damage was on the other side of the car.  The white car was most definitely T-boned.

We continued on our journey to Flagstaff thankful that we were not involved in this car accident.

Along the side of the road was….

A hot air balloon floating over the roadside.  Lizzi got excited when she saw it.

Then we climbed the mountain into Flagstaff dealing with Semi’s and other not so friendly drivers.  I know part of that frustration was that we were running late…(I hate to be late!!! Even on time is late to me….)  At one point a semi pulled in front of us going a speedy 30 mph.  Keep in mind I-17 is 75 mph.  It was extremely irritating to me.

When we arrived in Flagstaff we checked the remaining time to our destination.  We would be less than 5 minutes late.  Jason got a phone call at 2 minutes before 7:30, it was the surgery center checking on us.  He informed them we would be there in 5 minutes.  I thought I was prompt!

When we arrived at Forest Canyon Endoscopy & Surgery Center they had everything ready for us.  We filled out paper work, signed forms, and prepped Lizzi for surgery.  What they hadn’t told us was that her surgery was moved up to 8:30.

I loved the art work they had on the walls of the surgery center.  The one in Lizzi’s room read…”You’ll be back home today and getting well before you can say broccoli 100 times!”  They had many more and they were all cute!

Lizzi was smiling and ready to get her tonsils out.  That was until all the doctors started showing up.  I noticed her when Dr. Downs was asking her questions and talking with us she was hugging closer to the rails of the bed.  I knew she was getting nervous.  After Dr. Downs left the anesthesiologist came in and talked with us.

Then the nurses came to take Lizzi into surgery.  They asked if she wanted to crash.  Lizzi said, “No!”  They wheeled her into the O.R. which was just 20 steps away from the prep room.

They moved us to a waiting room and we prepared for the 30 minute surgery time.  Jason moved the car to the back door where they discharge patients and came back.  I did one word search, talked with Jason, and pretty soon Dr. Downs appeared and said, “No surprises!  She’s done!”  Then he walked us to the recovery room where Lizzi was still coming out of sedation.  She was thrashing about and it reminded me of when I had my gall bladder out.  I told Jason that’s how I was when I was coming out of sedation.

I moved so I could touch her and talk to her so as to help her calm down.  I know from my own experience how difficult coming out of sedation can be and I knew it would help her to have Mommy talking to her.

When she finally came to and was fully aware of her surrounding she was sad.  Most of it was because she was having a hard time swallowing and her throat was numb.  I reminded her of what the doctor had told us earlier and that helped her to understand the feelings she was having better.

She was very good about taking ice chips and even a Popsicle.  She was released right at 10 am.  The staff at Forest Canyon Endoscopy & Surgery Center was very prompt, helpful, polite, and courteous!  If you should ever find yourself in need of an outpatient surgery and you can choose where to go.  I would highly recommend them!



Putting my house in order….

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I know during the school year I let many things go that I normally wouldn’t when I’m not working.  As I was preparing for my Summer break I looked at my Craft Room and decided something major needed to be done.

Yes, this is how awful my Craft Room got.  Nothing was put away.  I had clean laundry on the floor.  Too many things just thrown in a pile.  Waiting to be sorted and put away.

I know from my own past experiences in order to combat this problem I was going to need to clear the room.  So everything went from the Craft Room to the Parlor.  The Parlor is the front entrance to my home.  If you come to visit expect remodeling, because that’s what’s happening at my house.  My Parlor quickly turned into a huge pile of stuff.  Some might say this is just moving the problem from one room to another, so be it.  I have to do it this way to keep myself sane.  Plus I needed to paint the room in order to make it more comfortable and you can’t paint with a bunch of stuff in the room.

Once the room was clear I went and bought paint.  I painted the blue section then I let the girls help with the green section.  They had a ton of fun painting.  Yes, they got it everywhere, but they worked hard and had fun doing it!  That’s a win-win in my book.

I painted the line where the green should end and they filled in the rest.  We will be adding details and flower wall stickers to make it even more inviting.  We chose to bring nature indoors with a wall mural instead of a traditional paint job.  The added bonus is that if we need to use this as a bedroom again I won’t have to change the wall color again (or at least not for a while…).  Now that the paint is on the walls time for organizing and sorting of everything that goes back into this room!

The task that lays before me isn’t going to be easy, but definitely worth all the hard effort that will be put out.  I will have to sort through, but I’m sure not limited to….embellishments, fabrics, papers, pictures, CD’s, office supplies, foam, sewing supplies, yarn, ribbon, receipts, school supplies, and much more.  While this is my Craft Room it’s also my home office and room to some of my school supplies.  (School and work for me are one and the same since I work for a school.)


I guess it’s time to get back to work.  Lots more to do!!!

I got my desk cleaned off and ready for use.  I still have to finish cleaning off the girls desk.  We also found some cute flower stickers to put on the walls.



Family Summertime Goals 2011

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I have decided that I need some goals for this summer.  I know if I write it down it’s more likely to be achieved.  I have some family goals that I would like to see achieved this summer.


Family Goals:

Family Prayer (2x daily minimum requirement)

Family Scripture Study

Walk the dogs (minimum 3x weekly)

Weekly Family Book Reviews  (Everyone reads a book during the week and tells the rest of the family about the book)

Journal Family experiences

Tend the Garden together

Water Fruit Trees together

Visit Arizona Science Center

Visit Monument Valley or Yellowstone

Finish my Craft Room by 6/10/2011

Paint Jason’s Office

These are my goals for our family for this summer.  We can add more later if needed….



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So today I had to travel from Cottonwood to Flagstaff for our End-Of-The-Year Meeting.  I picked up a co-worker and we traveled together to the meeting.  It started as a beautiful day.  Clear skies, nice company, and open roads.

That was until we got to the McGuireville Rest Stop exit.  There was a enormous Motor Home that apparently thought it could climb the mountains as fast as the cars.  He was driving in the slow lane.  I was in the fast lane and I saw a car pulling onto the highway from the Rest Area.  I next saw a car in the slow lane with it’s brake lights on so I proceeded to slow down because there was a vehicle in front of me blocking my view of why the car was stopping in the slow lane.  Next I saw the big Motor Home braking hard and moving left into my lane of traffic.  I was about midway of passing him when he did this.

Hello idiot!!!  You can’t come into this lane if I am already here….

He moved back to the right a bit and I thought he was just going to slow down behind the two other cars.  Was I wrong….he again proceeded to move into my lane of traffic (I was in about three quarters of the way passing the Motor Home) this time pushing me to the edge of the shoulder on the left side of the road.  Laying on my horn I punched the gas as I decided I wasn’t going to get pushed off the road because of a stupid flatlander!!!!

Then as I was driving up the “Rim” a car going 65 in a  75 pulled into the fast lane to pass a semi.  I didn’t have anyone behind me why didn’t you wait two seconds until I passed you to move into the fast lane?

I understand you have plans for the Holiday weekend, but guess what I have plans for my life!  You will not run me off the road with your monster size vehicle!!!  Please people remember you are not the only one on the road!  Other people have plans too and mine didn’t include vacationing!!!




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